In order to see success, we have to become an extension of you. That means getting to know you and your brand so we can become a strategic partner working towards your goals together. As our strategy is implemented, tactics may shift month to month based on how we optimize to your goals. Our preference is at least three months to work with you to plan, implement, and measure results.



We listen and you talk in a discovery session. The topic is WHY . . . we listen to your needs, objectives and learn about your brand, business and market. From there, we dive right into the data and analyze what are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Technical SEO audits, PPC campaign reviews, competitive research and market analysis are just a few ways we learn and build a data-driven foundation for a digital strategy. Learn more about our discovery tactics.


We then plan who, what, when, how and measurements for success with a documented marketing plan and strategy. Audience segmentation and personas help put together a more targeted strategy to reach your customers as efficiently as possible. A user experience and content marketing strategy will layout how to have the right message in the right places. Next is a measurement plan including a strategy to properly set-up analytics, goal tracking and funnels with proper benchmarking. We will also include key performance indicators for success. Creative discipline starts with a plan and habit. Never skip this step.


Each business has a niche expertise and valuable knowledge to share. Customers stay loyal when they’ve put their trust and money with people who know what they’re talking about. SpotOn can create the messaging needed for optimum conversion and retention. Whether it be an entire website, a landing page, email, digital ads, blog content or social posts, we align your brand messaging with keyword research with essential call to actions to create the best user experience. It’s still true, content is king. Learn more about our content services.


Strategic communication can be based on interactions like registrations and purchases or outbound messaging like newsletters sharing resourceful content from your blog, updates and new promotions. We can help streamline communication with marketing automation and we can manage your social voice across multiple channels with daily outreach optimized toward engagement and audience growth including listening and reputation management. Online listening outside of social media includes directory management, site listings, ratings and reviews. Listening is learning and learning is growing. Do you know what your customers and prospects are saying about you?


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