5 Surprising Ways LinkedIn Can Help Your Business

When it comes to marketing, businesses have similar core objectives: increase leads, grow client base, and generate awareness. But few look to LinkedIn to get the results they desire. It’s true that LinkedIn is best for B2B businesses; it’s also true that LinkedIn has been cited as the most effective channel for content distribution and lead generation

So how can LinkedIn help your bottom line? Here are five ways to look at LinkedIn a little differently - as an individual and a brand - to make it work for your business.

  1. Humanize You Brand
  2. While your brand has an authentic voice across platforms and can create it’s own LinkedIn business page, it’s worth noting that employees usually have a greater social following than the brand itself. Setting up proper profile pages for key staff members allows current and potential customers and influencers to see the people behind the brand and form a higher quality connection. Also, through self-publishing, you have the opportunity to show your authenticity and reach people on a deeper level.

  3. Become A Thought Leader
  4. In addition to humanizing your brand, LinkedIn is a great place to establish credibility and showcase your passion and expertise. Self-publishing allows you to validate your brand and demonstrate your proficiency in your industry. Even if you are a luxe bikini company, owning your industry and expertise will help get you noticed. Participating in groups and answering questions will also generate more awareness for you and your brand.

  5. Generate More Qualified Leads & Prospects
  6. LinkedIn’s advanced search feature allows you to hyper-target your prospects. You can filter by location, current company, industry, past company, school, profile language, and nonprofit interests without an upgraded membership. This allows you to connect with individuals who are higher quality leads, as well as use paid strategies to get in front of your target audience more efficiently.

  7. Build Brand Ambassadors
  8. While other platforms like Instagram are seen as best for influencers, on LinkedIn there are many opportunities to build a loyal following and connect with top industry influencers with similar industry interests. LinkedIn is also seen as the top platform for product launches. Engaging with other self-publishing influencers, participating in groups, along with contributing your own content can build a community that will help you grow.

  9. Enhance Content Marketing & SEO Efforts
  10. LinkedIn is strong in Google search results. In addition to participating on an individual level, it’s important your brand has a strong business page, potentially showcase pages, and posts content regularly. From there, you and your employees can further amplify the messages to connections and groups to increase reach and visibility.

Often overlooked, LinkedIn has helped many of our clients grow their leads and business from both an organic and paid strategy. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you grow.