Every marketing campaign begins with a strong foundation. We start with a face to face discovery meeting to listen and learn about your brand, business and market. From there, we dive right into the data. Through technical SEO audits, PPC campaign reviews, competitive research and market analysis, we research and analyze how to best position your brand, who your audience is, and how we can reach them. We build a strategy that includes the right tactics and key performance indicators to grow your business. Learn more about our discovery process.



In addition to a marketing foundation, a growth strategy with targeted advertising can accelerate your business. Acquire new customers with search engine marketing, online display advertising, social and mobile advertising on a cost per click basis optimized to cost per acquisition using appropriate attribution tracking. Stay top of mind with your current and very valuable customers with online and mobile display retargeting, social engagement tactics and specific audience segment targeting. When you say the right thing to the right person you trigger emotional connection . . . and a conversion. Read more about how we can help amplify your growth.



Each business has a niche expertise and valuable knowledge to share. Customers stay loyal when they’ve put their trust and money with people who know what they’re talking about. SpotOn can create the messaging needed for optimum conversion and retention. Whether it be an entire website, a landing page, email, digital ads, blog content or social posts, we with brand voice, search keyword research and customer connection as motivation. From there we will align messaging across all digital channels with essential call to actions to create the best user experience. It’s still true, content is king. Learn more about our content services.



Social media management and listening can be time consuming if you're short on resources and are not sure where to focus. SpotOn will audit your current channels and come up with a strategy that makes sense for your audience and objectives. We work with you on a posting calendar, schedule posts, and actively plan and listen for opportunities to reach and build your audience and influencers. Additionally, we listen outside of social media channels and can monitor and manage directories, site listings, ratings, and reviews. We provide ongoing reporting and analytics to understand where your audience is and who is engaging with your content to increase engagement and grow your loyal community.



Your website is the foundation of your digital brand. Once a prospective customer hits your site, what they see can make or break their ability to convert. We plan and build websites that are easy to navigate and enhance user experience. No matter where they are in the funnel, we identify the right call to actions and content to be relevant and useful to create more conversion opportunities. If you are selling online, we have experience with Shopify and eCommerce platforms to build and optimize to streamline sales and increase conversions. Learn more about our eCommerce experience and success.



Strategic communication can be based on interactions like registrations, purchases or outbound messaging like newsletters sharing resourceful content from your blog, updates, and new promotions. With Mailchimp, we can help build your lists, design email templates, and schedule regular email communication to your community. Through marketing automation, we can design and build drip campaigns for B2C businesses and implement tools such as Pardot to help your B2B sales team build stronger relationships and streamline the sales cycle. Learn more about email marketing and marketing automation.


As an extension of you, we take the necessary time to get to know you and your brand and become a strategic partner. As our strategy is implemented, tactics may shift month to month based on how we optimize to your goals. Our preference is at least three months to work with you to plan, implement, and measure results.


Every strategy we build is customized by client based on their objectives, audience, and budget.

Drop us a message for a free consultation on how we can use the tools above to grow your business.

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