6 Reasons We Love Shopify

With the growth of the eCommerce market, clients come to us not just looking for digital marketing services, but for a complete eCommerce solution to help launch a new business or grow their current business. In our collective experience, there are quite a few platforms and payment gateways to choose from, however, over the past few years, we have fallen in love with Shopify.
This is not a sponsored post, but rather good advice to anyone who is looking to quickly get an online store up and see immediate success without a large strain on time and resources. Whether you are selling products, services, digital downloads, or whatever you are passionate about, here are the top reasons why Shopify is the way to go:

1. User experience

If you are not familiar with Shopify, it is a complete, out of the box eCommerce solution. From a customer perspective, it’s fully mobile responsive and includes templates to help showcase imagery or other aspects of your products that will get their attention. From a business owner standpoint, it’s extremely intuitive and user-friendly so you will not have to tie up resources in development and IT and worry about vigilantly keeping the software up to date.

2. Flexible payment & shipping options

Because of giants like Amazon, customers are often looking for convenience and choices when it comes to shipping and payments. Your online store needs to be flexible and shouldn’t have limitations or make your customers jump through hoops to choose how they want to pay and when they want their purchase. Shopify makes it easy to offer free shipping options, includes 70 payment options, and lets you fulfill orders in a single step and track an order’s entire history, so nothing falls through the cracks and your team can collaborate through every phase of ordering and fulfillment.

3. Hassle-free hosting & support

Domains, DNS, SSL, PCI compliance, bandwidth, upgrades, backups… these are all things you should not have to worry about when you are focused on your brand and products. With Shopify, hosting is included in their monthly fee and includes everything listed above without having a developer or IT team on retainer. You don’t have to worry about security, downtime or upgrades as new browser versions come up or installing and maintaining a bunch of plugins that are sure to slow your site down. They even have 24/7 email, chat, and phone support.

4. Transactional email templates are included

How many times have you heard that everything needs to be personalized for your customers? Shopify offers over fifteen templates to customize email communication, including the effective abandoned cart email. Keeping open, personalized communication builds trust and loyalty, and eventually influencers, and Shopify makes it easy right out of the box.

5. Point of Sale reader included - along with support for many other channels

Going to be at an event or want to host a pop-up shop? Shopify has you covered with their point of sale reader that’s included with your store and syncs up with your inventory. If you are just sticking to digital channels, Shopify makes it easy to add a buy button anywhere, sell on social media, as well as Amazon. Manage all your products in one place and still sell everywhere your customers are.

6. Custom Reporting & SEO

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - we love data. Shopify has a great, customizable dashboard and multiple reports to help track trends and growth. Not only does Shopify make adding conversion tracking easy, but they include a way to create custom reports you can export and sort however you need to keep a close eye on the numbers and present to key stakeholders. Not only is the front end design beautiful and user-centric, the back end sets your business up for efficiency, great SEO rank and reporting for smart decision making. 
We could go on...unlimited products and file storage, customer reviews, native support for multiple languages…Shopify has won our and our clients' hearts when it comes to building, maintaining, and growing an online store.

Do you have an eCommerce presence? 

Whether you are looking to update or transition a current online store or build a brand new online storefront, get in touch with us today to learn how we can leverage Shopify to increase efficiencies and grow your business. 
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