Build and segment your lists. Building a customer data set is key to further segment and personalize email campaigns. From customers to VIPs and partners and potential customers, we can help you build the right segments and build and manage email lists. The more refined the segment, the better to get through a buying experience or to even more frequently use your products or services.

Design email templates with relevant content. Once we know who your segments are, we create multiple templates that can help cater content to each one. We can create templates with dynamic content that are easily managed and flexible as new content, news, and events arise.

Distribute monthly newsletters. One of the best ways to help distribute your content and communicate with your customers is regular communication. We will execute, track, report, and optimize content to increase open rates and conversions.



Lead Generation Campaigns - Pardot. If you have a group of people in charge of generating, tracking and nurturing leads, we have extensive experience creating and optimizing Pardot marketing automation campaigns. Pardot takes email automation to the next level and helps streamline lead management and increase engagement and conversions to help you grow faster. Learn more about Pardot and how it's helped our clients.

Customer Engagement Drip Campaigns - Mailchimp. Using a platform such as Mailchimp, email automation with drip campaigns create endless possibilities for reaching your current supporters and participants segmented with the right messages at the right moments and with fewer resources. We create triggers and templates that automate messages to your customers before, during, and after they interact with your brand.

eCommerce, Customer Service Emails - Shopify. When you are selling online, using a platform such as Shopify is a great foundation to customize customer emails. We help set-up and customize emails that will help automate your customer service efforts. Learn more eCommerce and how our clients have grown their sales.



How can I increase engagement with my customers? How do I reach them regularly and customize the message to their needs? Set up a meeting to discuss the right tactics for you.