What You Need To Know About Facebook Advertising

You’ve appropriately set your foundation with a solid mix of organic marketing tactics, but standing out in a big way with organic efforts only can be challenging. Amplifying efforts with paid strategies can make all the difference in increasing ROI and decreasing cost per acquisition. 

Facebook, in particular, has been making changes to show more content from family and friends at the top of your news feed, resulting in declining organic reach. With over 1 billion active users on Facebook and the opportunity to make an impact with ads for only $5, Facebook Advertising should be a no-brainer as part of the paid strategies for your business.

Buffer has put together an ultimate guide for Facebook Ads, which we broke down into key takeaways to make Facebook ads work for your business.

  1. Why Facebook Ads?
  2. Facebook is still the largest social network when it comes to daily active users and organic reach is on the decline. There are many ways to target your audience and there is often an instant return on investment. Especially if you’re taking your first plunge into paid advertising, Facebook ads are easier to set-up and get started with than Google Adwords.

    Action: Make room in your digital marketing strategy and budget to execute.

  3. There are 11 different types
  4. From boosting posts to increasing conversions on your website, there are many ways to reach your customers and grow your business. Although you don’t always need a professional designer when creating your Facebook ads, it helps to plan out your media and call to actions based on your audience and goals. There are plenty of resources and cheat sheets to help as well.

    Action: Clearly define goals and objectives before creating your ads.

  5. You can target by just about anything
  6. While Location, Age, Gender, Language, Interests, Behaviors, and Connections are the main factors, there are many more and the combinations are endless. You can also create your own custom audience based on your existing contacts and serve ads directly to them. Facebook also offers “lookalike audiences” which are a collection of users similar to your fans, visitors, customers you can target.

    Action: Clearly define your audience and get to know their interests and behavior online.

  7. You can get results for as little as $5/day
  8. Although the daily budget defaults to $20, you can choose your amount based on daily or ad lifetime budgets, and choose when exactly to serve your ads. Facebook serves results with robust stats based on performance, delivery, cost, relevance, and more. See what $5 can get you, and even $1.

    Action: Try, experiment, and test.

  9. You can track users after they click
  10. To take it a step further with conversion tracking, Facebook has a unique system for tracking actions that occur after someone leaves a Facebook ad and travels to a web page. You can install a Facebook pixel that tracks things like page views, registrations, and orders.

    Action: Add pixel code with appropriate conversion variables.

If you have the time to digest the full guide, it’s recommended. If you could use a partner to help get started, let’s chat. It can be just as overwhelming as exciting as it is. Facebook advertising is not left off our mix of paid advertising recommendations for majority of our partners. Let us help.