How Email Marketing Can Change Your Business

We’ve seen the value of email marketing work for many of our clients as they build strong relationships with their customers. In fact, we highly recommend it as a foundational element to your marketing plan. No need to overcomplicate it, but once you add it as a consistent element to your marketing mix, you’ll see how it can accelerate your business growth. Here’s how...

  1. Drive More Traffic

    New products or events? New blog post about features and updates? Amplify content
    marketing efforts by distributing content through email. Choose a platform that makes it easy for people to sign up, segment lists, and regularly send newsletters. Link to relevant content on your site and track performance to optimize with each send.

  2. Increase Sales

    Platforms such as Mailchimp and Pardot make segmenting customers easy. Then based on behavior, preferences, and previous sales, you can target customers with the right messages through the funnel to buy. Personalizing the customer journey will turn customers into loyal buyers who will continue to come back for more.

  3. Engage & Nurture Customers

    Remind your customers of the last contact they had with your brand and what they are missing. Educate them on how to get the most from your products are services and how you can add value beyond purchases. Surprise and delight your fans by offering exclusive content and deals and reward and thank them for being a part of your community and sharing.

  4. Customer Service

    If you happen to be selling experiences, you have an opportunity between the purchase and the event to keep in touch and communicate with your customer. Remind them what they can expect and how they can get in touch. Include FAQs and link to relevant information. Send any relevant status updated on products, services, and events and ask for feedback and testimonials. Be authentic and useful when your customers need it.

  5. Automate Tactics

Using the right email tools can remove much of the manual steps and save you time and resources. Onboard customers with automated drips with how-to’s and FAQs. With a platform such as Shopify, setting up customer service messages is quick and easy, and you won’t have to worry about reaching your customers. With tools such as Pardot and Mailchimp, the more you automate and send, the more data you have to measure. And the more time and data you have, the more successful your strategy becomes.

Does your business have an email marketing strategy in place? We’ll work with you to understand your customer’s journey and optimize messages for them at every step of the way.