Yes, Email Marketing Still Works

Businesswoman reading email on computer.

Email marketing works. In fact, it’s still one of the most effective digital tools for customer and prospect connection. Those rolling their eyes may be of the mindset that email marketing is dead. People are quick to dub email marketing as passé but hear us out on why it’s still winning.

People use email. 

Literally, almost everyone has an email account. In fact, the number of active email accounts is set to exceed 5.6 billion this year. And 99% of those people are checking their emails daily. So if you make it into their inbox, feel special, it’s a direct connection with nice probability to be read if your approach is right.

Sophisticated email marketing tools exist.

There are a number of fantastic email marketing platforms for businesses. Some of these platforms are available at no or little cost to you and while the more robust tools as part of a marketing automation suite are heftier in price, weigh out in sophistication and functionality. A few of our favorites that we use very consistently with our clients are Hubspot, Mailchimp and Pardot

Email marketing tools track results and leads. 

Our preferred email marketing platforms provide excellent data and reports for tracking the success of your email campaigns. Open rates, click through rates, optimized send times and split A/B subject line reporting are just a few of the more basic reports that provide excellent insight into what your recipients like and don’t like, allowing you to tweak accordingly to find that sweet spot of appeal. Tools like Hubspot and Pardot allow you to track your leads through to customer opportunities generated from email campaigns right in the same platform.

Email marketing can be segmented and personalized.

List segmenting is a big part of a smart strategy. Segmenting your email list allows you to group people together who are interested in certain types of content, or fall in a specific phase of your sales cycle. And taking advantage of merge tags in your tool adds personalization with names, or other context. An email to your entire email list (blanket email or blast) may be handy for a monthly announcement or newsletter, but getting smarter about segmenting lets us personalize and automate drip campaigns for just the right timing and messaging. Still wondering if segmentation is worth the time? Marketers using segmented campaigns see up to 760% increase in revenue. You should consider the effort.

Email marketing has a great return on investment.

From customer retention and relationship nurturing to increasing sales, email has a fantastic ROI. In fact, according to a Hubspot report, email generates $38 for every $1 spent. That translates to a 3800% ROI. Talk about bang for your buck. 

We receive comments often regarding the success our clients are seeing with their email campaigns.

“Looks like the email you just sent is already creating buzz and great interest. Nicely done!”
-Global Safety Management

“Pretty cool to get a lead within minutes of the newsletter going out. Already had a discovery call with them.”
-Director of Sales, Creative Sign Design

“The email that went a few hours ago already achieved a 28% open rate and we’re on track to hit our consistent open rate of 40% for our monthly newsletters and a nearly 10% click rate. Our content is getting read - it’s relevant, timely and resourceful. Nice job, SpotOn.”
-General Manager, Sonic-Shield

Marketers have access to a slew of new marketing techniques. From chatbots to Instagram influencers (we’re fans of both we might add) and it’s easy to get caught up in the flashy new opportunities to reach your customers. New digital marketing efforts are great, but don’t let them distract you from one tried and true tactic that still works - email marketing.

Interested in making email marketing part of your strategy? Let’s do it! We’re ready to help you see increased sales and customers. Shoot us an email and let’s get started.