Senior Copywriter


A freelance writer armed with a degree in journalism from the University of Florida, Ebony launched her own company, A Little Birdie Studios, to provide highly customized and narrowly tailored written content for each of her varied clients – and their equally varied needs.

Equipped with a quick wit and a disarmingly low-brow sensibility, she joins SpotOn with a juxtaposed right-brained passion for weaving words into vivid imagery and a left-brained compulsion for order and structure, striking a unique balance between compelling, original written content and a copy editor's attention to detail.
She's also the published children's book author of 'Sebastian Scouts … The 7 Wonders,' which seeks to inspire wanderlust and encourage little ones - including her three little ones - to become citizens of the world, following Sebastian's adventures from space to sea, and every nook, cranny and creature in between.